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Indian PaintBrush Facts

Indian Paintbrush in the wild
Indian Paintbrush
On this page of Temperate Rainforest Plant facts we provide Indian PaintBrush facts. In the information listed below you will find interesting information about Indian PaintBrushs, including where they grow and how they have adapted for survival in temperate rainforest. This information was written for kids and adults alike.

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Indian PaintBrush Description

Interesting Indian PaintBrush Facts

How the PaintBrush Was Named

This plant got its name from a Native American legend. In the legend a young American Indian wanted to paint the sunset but became frustrated because he could not produce any colors that matched the beauty of a sunset. He asked the Great Spirit for help. The Great Spirit provided him with paintbrushes with the beautiful colors on them which he used to create his painting. When done the young Indian left his used paintbrushes scattered around the landscape. These paint brushes blossomed into plants and were thus named Indian PaintBrushs.