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Douglas Fir Tree
Douglas Fir Trees

Introduction - Douglas-fir Tree

The Douglas-Fir Tree is from the evergreen conifer classification and is not actually a true fir tree at all. It grows in areas of Western North America, specifically in the temperate rainforest zones throughout Oregon, California, and Washington. It can also be found in parts of Mexico. It thrives when elevations are above 6,000 feet (1,830 meters), conditions are sunny, and soil is moist (but does not do well in regions where there is poor drainage or dense soil. The tree gets its name from botanist, David Douglas, who was the first to successfully grow the tree in England. Read the below facts and you'll find information on why this tree is so valued and what it is used for as well as other interesting information on the Douglas-fir Tree.

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Basic Facts about the Douglas-fir Tree

Doulas-Fir Tree Descriptive Facts